Sally Festing
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FONT is based on the agricultural calendar carved on the font in St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale  cover and artwork by John Richter To buy, go to Price £10 plus p&p £2.00, 36pp., (ISBN 978-0-9935535-1-6) click for Helena Nelson’s review
Sally runs Saltmarsh Poetry in North Norfolk’s Burnhams. Her books on fishermen, travelling showmen, lavender, animals in the 18th century and Penguin biographies of Hepworth and Jekyll, followed ten years of widespread journalism. She has written, four pamphlets, Swimming Lessons (Cidesterna), Salaams (Happenstance) Font (2016), My Darling Derry, and an Oversteps full collection, Doors Opening (2016).    
My Darling Derry (2019) is currently being sold, all profits for the Mental Health Foundation Video Current reviews