Managing two web sites in Xara. You two web sites: and When Xara is opened the publication settings are always those for the last time one of the sites was published. So for the moment the procedure should be: 1. Click the Xara ikon on the desk top to open Xara 2. Delete both tabs 3. Do “file, open” and open the web site to be up-dated (e.g. Make the necessary up-dates. 4. Go to last but one page of the web. This shows the setting that will be needed. (it won’t be seen when published because it is not linked in) 5.  Click “file, publish web site”.  Look at the box. A. If it matches the web site then it can be published. B. If  the wrong web site is shown then new settings will have to be entered. These are shown in the last page of each web site. Click “change FTP settings” then click the dot for “Other host setting via FTP” and click “settings” Fill in the box and publish the site.
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