Memorable Moments from December 4 when Saltmarsh Poetry entertained itself mostly with ekphrastic poems   John’s Mandela poem, ‘Near and Far’ was a lyric conceived as a song to be sung by a baritone or tenor to music he has composed. We hope to hear this in the future.  Meanwhile our thanks to Nigel for standing in, speaking the words for us. Although near to you  I now could see You were far so far away from me ... locked, away Blazing sun breaking stones all day ‘   Sue brought Vicki Feaver’s hilarious poem ‘Oi yoi yoi’, a tribute to Roger Hilton’s abandoned naked woman of the same title.  ‘And which one of us doesn’t occasionally want one of the Old Gods to come down and chase us over the sands.’ Evelyn’s poem-with-intermittent-music, ‘Just Four Minutes’, took us back to the 60’s Government statement concerning the time required to find shelter  before annihilation from an atomic blast. The music she chose to play was Missa “Et ecce terrae motus” by a 15th century composer, Antoine Brumel. ‘too late to say sorry, too late to worry, I press my button And a voice begins to sing’ To offset of technical and other hitches, ‘Ekphrasis’ also brought up Wind in the Willows; a whelk shell; a tendency to fall over; a Roman translation from 42 BC and several comments on the word itself. There was a poignant love poem from World War I- casualty, Edward Thomas.